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Welcome to Mariesbreeze Art, a place of healing and renewal.

This website expresses the hope of Post Traumatic Growth and my journey to wholeness after my daughter’s suicide in 2014. By diving deep into grief and expressing it through art, I have become less afraid of sorrow and have embraced my love of color, texture, and painting. When I allowed myself to layer and swirl colors of darkness and despair– deep red, black, purple, and brown–I was also drawn to the light–blue, yellow, and white.

Each collage starts with a theme or image from my meditative practice. Next I choose the materials–usually paper that I have watercolored or specialty paper (mulberry, leaf inclusion, marbled), noticing how I am drawn to particular colors and textures related to my feelings and the theme. I tear the paper and sort the bits by color and texture. Then I glue the paper to canvas with a brush and ModPoge (a glue and sealer), sometimes incorporating fabric, glass, or natural materials. I also “paint” with paper by liquefying fibrous paper with ModPoge and applying it with a brush. I build a number of layers until the theme, feeling, or image crystallizes.

Recently, I’ve been collaging while listening to music by my son, Temple Haze, who is making his way in the world as a musician in Berlin, Germany. The ethereal sounds of his voice and his band, Bakery, have been very inspiring. I am so grateful that he Is sharing his gifts with the world.

I have enjoyed painting since I was a child, and I took a few fine art courses at the University of Maryland in the 1990s. In addition to collage, I paint murals, furniture, and outdoor statuary. I learned about collage as a form of inner expression at Melanie Weidner’s Art and Spirituality Workshops at Pendle Hill, a Quaker retreat and conference center in Media, PA. I have used art therapy to work through trauma since the 1980s.

Many thanks to Lois Trusler for the beautiful photographs of my artwork that inspired me to create this website.

Marie Temple