Expressive Art

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Meditating, writing, mindful listening, creating.

Sharing my journey with you, one piece of art at a time.

This is a collection of collages that I made after my daughter’s suicide in August 2014. Although I had expressed grief through art in the past, the death of my child led me to delve even deeper and express even more. I could not escape because, even though she is dead, she is still my child. I keen in the middle of the night. I meditate and write, and images, colors come to me. A quick sketch and I go into my tiny studio and assemble the paper, fabric, and other materials that beckon to me. I often paint on watercolor paper and then tear it up to use in a piece. I glue everything down with Mod Podge and discover, over time, that I can actually paint with paper by emulsifying it with Mod Podge. Brush in hand, I explore my depths and find light shining through.

“Swimming Toward the Light”    Paper and acrylics on canvas, February 2015

Photo by Lois Trusler

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