Celebration of Life

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I can’t believe it. After all the others suicides, you too?

My darling daughter, in such despair?

I go through the motions, identify your body, plan your funeral,

Where are you?

I make a collage of photos, remember how you loved stickers—

And there you are—Your spirit comes to me in the sticker aisle of the art supply store!

Tinker Bell, hearts, yes, you would love these.

I go home and talk with you as I assemble the collage, remembering your childhood,

The sweet person you were, the loving and shining spirit that you still are.

My daughter, Diane, completed suicide August 31, 2014. In the days leading up to her funeral, I finally felt Diane’s joyous spirit as I put together this collage of photos of her life. We displayed this poster at the visitation and funeral mass.

“Celebration of Life” by Marie Temple, August 2014

Family photos, stickers, paper, wood hearts, Mod Podge on foam core board

Photos by Lois Trusler

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