Family System

Family System

It should be a sacred circle.

Instead, soul threads are tightly wound, ensnaring the children, the parents.

Caught. Trapped in un-reality. Rocks stamp us down, our spirits caught.

Some of us make it out. Escape to freedom, yet hold connection to family.

Our souls are on fire, reaching in, saying

Yes, this is what happened. This is how it was.

We are free. Wings are there for any of us, daring us to fly.

This is a web made of a drum frame and yarn, using a dream catcher pattern to make the web. I have a sweet gum tree in my back yard, and I love the spiney balls that it sheds each year. I wound a few sweet gum balls with yarn, then attached them to the web. The spines caught on the web, and I thought of how I felt trapped when growing up. I thought of my daughter who must have felt trapped in a body that seemed to betray her. The family members who ended their own lives never made it out of the web – the gold-wrapped balls represent their trapped spirits. Rocks inside the frame weigh down all who are inside. A few of us made it out. Our spirits are on fire, still connected to the web of family, but we are also on the rim of feathers, ready to soar.

“Family System” by Marie Temple

Wood, yarn, sweet gum balls, rocks, hot glue

Photo by Lois Trusler

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