Mother’s Day 2015

Mothers Day

I just had my birthday. How can I celebrate when you are gone? I started this piece with the black and red of depression pressing down, and blue, healing water surging up to light in the center (the picture was upside down compared to the finished work).

It’s the day before Mother’s day, and I am getting ready for my trip to Yosemite. I need to finish this piece, but something is not right. I turn it upside down, and now it makes sense. The blue water pours down, and the red and black surge up. I add wheat stalks to what is now a funeral pyre. In deep grief this week and I feel shattered – I find a sheet of glass, wrap it in an old pillowcase, and hit it with a hammer. The sound of breaking glass fills me with glee – I shatter it again and again. Wearing heavy gloves, I pour the glass on the wheat stalks, anchor it with paper. Yes, this is honest. I am a broken, shattered mom. Happy Mother’s day, indeed.

Purged, I finish packing and get ready for my trip, which starts the next day.

I head for Yosemite National Park and a transformative vacation where

I stand at the top of the world (Glacier Point) and don’t jump,

I drive through the High Sierras in mist, fog, and sleet (!!!),

I drive through those crazy California canyons where there is no shoulder

and you have to drive v e r y  c a r e f u l l y, and I don’t fall off the edge,

I put 1,000 miles on my rental car in one week.

I find say hello to the fearless adventurer inside me.

I begin planning my 2016 Mother’s Day adventure – to Utah!

Post Traumatic Growth, indeed!

“Mother’s Day” by Marie Temple, May 2015

Paper, wheat stalks, glass, Mod Podge on canvas

Photos by Lois Trusler

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