Underwater Grotto

Underwater Grotto

2015 – Deep underwater, light is still shining through. The brown and orange rocky walls represent the inward turning of grief and sorrow. Like so many of my pieces, after expressing the hardness and darkness, my spirit gravitated toward the light. I created the base of this piece with Mod Podge, tissue paper, and watercolor paper (I paint paper with watercolors, then tear it up for collages). Then I propped the picture up and pondered it for a few weeks, asking it what else it needed. Finally it became clear and I completed the work with beautiful handmade paper I found at an art store. I use Mod Podge to emulsify the paper, and then move it around with a brush to create the swirls and wisps. This piece has a lot of texture that you can see and feel. An expression of deep grief and the light of hope.

“Underwater Grotto” by Marie Temple

Paper and Mod Podge on canvas

Photo by Lois Trusler

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